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ESPS Patiño

The ESPS Patiño (A-14) is a replenishment oiler named after the Spanish navy minister José Patiño Rosales (1666-1736) Secretary of the Navy, the West Indies and Chancellor of the Exchequer, who spent most of his life serving the State, and organizing the Spanish Navy arsenals and shipyards.

As a combat replenishment ship and hospital, the main mission of the “Patiño” is to supply fuel, fresh water, ammunition, provisions, spare parts, military equipment, uniforms, medicines and medical assistance to other combat units at sea. The design of the ship, in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Navy, caters for the capability to supply a Combat Group made up by an aircraft-carrier, five frigates and twenty embarked aircraft during a sustained period of 21 days.

Apart from the aforementioned tasks, the ship has ample capabilities to operate as an escort, engaging in flight operations and maritime interdiction (maritime traffic control, visits, challenges and boarding of ships in anti-piracy missions).

The ship was ordered in December 1991 from Navantia, launched on 22 June 1994 and she was commissioned in June 1995 with the pennant number A14. The vessel’s homeport is at Ferrol arsenal. This is the third time that “Patiño” has deployed with EU NAVFOR since Operation Atalanta commenced in December 2008.

The vessel is 166 metres (545 ft) and measures 19,045 tons at full load. The oiler has a crew of 160.


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