deployed units

ITS CarabiniereItaly

The Carabiniere (F593) is one of four ships of the Bergamini class FREMM frigates. FREMM stands for European multipurpose frigate, designed by DCNS/Armaris and Fincantieri for the navies of France and Italy, The Carbiniere was commissioned into the Italian Navy in April 2015.

It has a displacement of 6,700 tonnes, is 144 meters long, the top speed is 27 knots and embarks a Augusta Bell 212 on board.

ESPS VictoriaSpain

ESPS Victoria (F82) is the second of six Spanish Santa Maria-class frigates. It was built by Bazan, Spain, and commissioned into the Spanish Navy in 1987.

It has a displacement of 3,969 tonnes, is 137.7 meters long , the top speed is 29 knots and has capacity for a helicopter. The ship has a complement of more than 200 personnel.

ESPS Victoria last took part in EU Naval Force Somalia Operation Atalanta in 2010.

FGS ErfurtGermany

The German corvette, FGS Erfurt was developed and built by Nordseewerke GmbH in Emden and was commissioned on 28th February 2013. It is the third of five ships of the Braunschweig Class.

This corvette carries a wide mix of sensors and armament, including the capability to embark two Sea Lynx or two NH 90 NFH helicopters. Displacing 1,840 tonnes, she is 89,12 meters long, and is capable of a top speed of 26 knots.

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