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ESPS GaliciaSpain

ESPS Galicia (L51) is a Galicia-class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) of the Spanish Navy and is the seventh ship to bear this name. She is the lead ship in her class. The vessel was built at the Empresa Nacional Bazán shipyards in Ferrol. She was commissioned to the Spanish Navy on the 29 April 1998.

With a length of 160m and a displacement of 13815 tonnes it has a maximum speed of 20 kts.

FGS ErfurtGermany

The German corvette, FGS Erfurt was developed and built by Nordseewerke GmbH in Emden and was commissioned on 28th February 2013. It is the third of five ships of the Braunschweig Class.

This corvette carries a wide mix of sensors and armament, including the capability to embark two Sea Lynx or two NH 90 NFH helicopters. Displacing 1,840 tonnes, she is 89,12 meters long, and is capable of a top speed of 26 knots.

HNLMS GroningenNetherlands

HNLMS Groningen is the fourth of four ships of the Holland-Class offshore patrol vessels. It was built at the Damen Schelde shipyard in Vlissingen and commissioned in to the Royal Netherlands Navy during the Dutch navy days in 2012.

It is designed to fulfill patrol and intervention tasks against lightly armed opponents, such as pirates and smugglers, but much higher level electronic and radar surveillance roles with capabilities for military stabilisation and security roles.  HNLMS Groningen has capacity for an NH90 helicopter.

It has a displacement of 3,810 tonnes, is 108.4 meters long and the top speed  is 22 knots.

It is the first time that the HNLMS take part in EU Naval Force Somalia Operation Atalanta.

ITS LibeccioItaly

ITS Libeccio is one of the eight ships of the Italian Maestrale Class. Build by Fincantieri in Muggiano, ITS Libeccio was launched on the 7th September 1981 and commissioned on the 5th February 1983.

With a displacement of 3,100 tons and two diesel main engines, it is also equipped with two gas turbines for extra power and speed.

An important tool in the anti-piracy warfare is the helicopter, of which Libeccio has two; Agusta-Bell 212.

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