deployed units

ESPS GaliciaSpain

ESPS Galicia (L51) is a Galicia-class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) of the Spanish Navy and is the seventh ship to bear this name. She is the lead ship in her class. The vessel was built at the Empresa Nacional Bazán shipyards in Ferrol. She was commissioned to the Spanish Navy on the 29 April 1998.

With a length of 160m and a displacement of 13815 tonnes it has a maximum speed of 20 kts.

ITS EsperoItaly

ITS Espero is the sixth Frigate of the Maestrale Class.  This multi-purpose frigate has of an AB-212 helicopter embarked.

Commissioned into the Italian Navy in 1984, she has a displacement of 3,200 tonnes, a length of 123 metres and a maximum speed of 27 knots.

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