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ESPS GaliciaSpain

ESPS Galicia (L51) is a Galicia-class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) of the Spanish Navy and is the seventh ship to bear this name. She is the lead ship in her class. The vessel was built at the Empresa Nacional Bazán shipyards in Ferrol. She was commissioned to the Spanish Navy on the 29 April 1998.

With a length of 160m and a displacement of 13815 tonnes it has a maximum speed of 20 kts.

FGS BayernGermany

The German frigate FGS Bayern was developed and build by “Thyssen Nordseewerke” in Emden and was commissioned in 15th June 1996.

This  frigate carries a wide mix of sensors and armament, including the capability to embark two Westland Super Lynx Mk.88A helicopters. Displacing 5,400 tonnes (full load), she is 139 meters long and is capable of a top speed of 29 knots.

ITS GrecaleItaly

ITS Grecale is one of the eight Italian ships of the Maestrale Class. It was build by Fincantieri in Muggiano and commissioned on the 5th February 1983. In October 2010 a major upgrade has been undertaken, installing a new combat data system. It has a total range of 6,000 miles at 16 knots.

Displacing 3,100 tonnes, the ITS Grecale is 122,7m long and reaches up to 33 knots top speed.

The ITS Grecale carries two AB-212ASW Helicopters.

ESPS Infanta CristinaSpain

The ESPS Infanta Cristina was originally a Descubierta class corvette, but was later converted to a patrol craft.  With a length of 89 metres, a displacement of 1,495 tonnes and a crew of 106, her specifications make her the perfect ship for missions such as Operation Atalanta.

Commissioned to the Spanish Navy, she has a displacement of 1363 tons, is 89 meters long and speeds up to 26 knots.

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