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ESPS NumanciaSpain

Numancia (F83) is the third of the six Spanish-built Santa Maria-class frigates, based on the American Oliver Hazard Perry class design, of the Spanish Navy. Laid down on 8 January 1986, and launched on 29 January 1987, Numancia was commissioned in service on 17 November 1989. All of these Spanish frigates have the length of the later Oliver Hazard Perry frigates, and have a wider beam than the US Navy design, and are therefore able to carry more top weight. Fin stabilizers are fitted. On 27 April 2009 Numancia seized the 9 somali pirates that tried to board MSC Melody.

Technical Data:

Class and type: Santa Maria-class frigate


2,851 long tons (2,897 t) light

3,610 long tons (3,668 t) standard

4,177 long tons (4,244 t) full load

Length: 138.8 m (455 ft 5 in)

Beam:   14.3 m (46 ft 11 in)

Draft:    8.6 m (28 ft 3 in)

Propulsion: 2 × General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines generating 41,000 shp (31 MW) coupled to a single shaft and controllable-pitch propeller

Speed:  30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph)+


OTO Melara Mk 75 76 mm/62 caliber naval gun; Mk 32 triple-tube (324 mm) launcher for Mark 46 torpedoes; Mk 13 Missile Launcher for RGM-84 Harpoon SSM and SM-1MR Block VIB SAM; 20 mm Meroka CIWS 12 barrel AA system

Aircraft carried: AB 212 helicopter

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