deployed units

ESPS NavarraSpain

The ESPS Navarra was build by Ferrol Bazán, based on the design of the American Oliver Hazard Perry Class. Commissioned on 30 May 1994, the ESPS Navarra is the fifth of six units of the Santa-Maria frigate class.

Displacing 4,033 tonnes, the ESPS Navarra is 137.7 meters long and with its 2 gas turbines, performing 43,000 hp, she reaches up to 29 knots top speed.

The Spanish frigate is carrying a mix of physical and electronical countermeasures, including the capability to embark two Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawks.

ITS Carlo MargottiniItaly

The frigate ITS Carlo Margottini is the third ship of the Bergamini Class, part of the French-Italian program FREMM (European Multi Mission Frigates), the second Italian antisubmarine version. The ship
was launched on June 29th, 2013 at the Riva Trigoso (GE) shipyard. The ship was moved to the Fincantieri shipyard in Muggiano (SP) to be completed and delivered to the Italian Navy on February 27th 2014. The ships classification number is F592. ITS Margottini represents a new generation of frigates capable of being employed in various operational scenarios with different tasks. The weapon system and sensors on-board make the ship capable of undertaking several different missions:
– The constabulary role: counter-terrorism, prevention of illegal trafficking, irregular immigration control;
– Protection of naval groups, maritime security and defense of the national interests;
– Humanitarian assistance in case of Natural disasters;
– Sea Control, protection of Sea lines of Communication (SLOCs) and Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).


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