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Statistics Updated on: Sep 22, 2022

Since 2009

Vessels Held *
2, 628
Hostages Held **
WFP Vessels Protected
AMISOM Vessels Protected
Tonnes of Food/Aid Delivered***
12, 718
Kilos of Narcotics Impounded
Pirates Transferred to Competent Authorities

Events statistics

Events Statistics
Deployed Units Maneuvers and Operation Statistics

Latest Piracy Incidents

Date Vessel Type Approximate Position of Incident Event BMP * PASC ** Unknown Pirated/Safe Sort descending
TUG Attack Pirated
Cargo Vessel Attack Pirated
Chemical Tanker Attack Pirated
Cargo Vessel Attack Pirated
TUG Attack X Pirated
Cargo Vessel Attack Pirated
Chemical Tanker Attack Pirated
Cargo Vessel Attack Pirated
Yacht Attack Pirated
Yacht Somali Basin Attack Pirated


View on Map Date Vessel Type Vessel Flag Event Crew
18.300000, 57.600000 Oil Tanker ENRICO IEVOLI Italy Attack 18
8.000000, 66.750000 Container MV ALBEDO Malaysia 15
15.966667, 61.050000 Oil Tanker MV SMYRNI Liberia Attack 26
21.450000, 62.583333 Chemical Tanker MV ROYAL GRACE Panama Attack 22
18.050000, 57.383333 Ro Ro MV LEILA Panama Attack 15
13.533333, 58.600000 Cargo Vessel MV FREE GODDESS Liberia Attack 21
13.266667, 59.100000 Cargo Vessel ROSALIA D'AMATO Italy 21
5.350000, 48.516667 Unknown ARIDE Seychelles Attack 2
12.033333, 45.633333 Chemical Tanker LIQUID VELVET Marshall Islands Attack 22
15.450000, 52.233333 Yacht TRIBAL KAT France Attack 2

Hostages without a Vessel *

Date Location Crew Number Vessel Type Vessel Flag
Somali Basin 11 Container MV ALBEDO Malaysia
Somali Basin 15 Container MV ALBEDO Malaysia
Arabian Sea 4 Fishing Vessel FV PRANTALAY 12 Thailand
Somali Basin 7 Oil Tanker ASPHALT VENTURE Panama
Horn of Africa 6 Cargo Vessel MV LEOPARD Denmark