EU NAVFOR gets Joint Staff College classmates together after 9 years

May 05, 2020 - 12:35
Life in general, and even more military life, is sometime amazing.

During Academic year 2010-11, 103 Spanish senior officers, together with 30 international colleagues coming from 23 different countries, attended the 12th Joint Staff Course in Madrid, Spain.
The 133 Senior Officers of the 12th Joint Staff Course in Madrid.

133 highly skilled individuals, that after graduation went back to work for their services under their flags or around the world in significant joint and combined billets.
Lieutenant Colonel Antonio ESTEBAN MUÑOZ

Captain Massimiliano SIRAGUSA

Commander Jose Maria SEIJO CASAL

Captain SIRAGUSA and Commander SEIJO lives on board “the same Ship” since 14th February and daily exchange views on many aspects of life. When it comes to analyze the tactical aspects of the operation and takes decisions about what to do next and how to do it, they reach Lieutenant Colonel ESTEBAN and other involved Unit Commanders by chat, phone or Video conference, to find the best options… exactly like they did nine years when they attended the Joint Staff Course together.
Captain SIRAGUSA and Commander SEIJO together with Numancia cannon.

Lieutenant Colonel ESTEBAN during P-3M flight.

COVID related restrictions, unfortunately, impeded up to now a traditional physical meeting for the three, initially planned in Djibouti, but they are confident about a future event in or out of the Operation.

Sometime Courses and classes, especially in the multinational environment, are not given the proper importance, especially from the relationships and teambuilding point of view, but that was not the case of these 3 European Union military leaders, friends during academics and renewed friends running EUNAVFOR Atalanta together.
Lieutenant Colonel ESTEBAN with P-3M Aircraft.

Commander SEIJO and Captain SIRAGUSA together during Numancia fueling at sea.