New Seven Line Brevity Format for Suspected Piracy Contacts

Feb 12, 2009 - 08:59
Immediate Voice Comms Reporting Format (VHF, Radio, Mobile or Sat phone)
It is requested that immediate reports of suspect pirate activity cover the 7-Line reporting format as seen below.  This is not prescriptive, but it will enable the pertinent information to be relayed to naval assets in the most efficient manner so that it can be acted upon expeditiously.

LINE 1:  Who is the originator of this information?

LINE 2:  Date & Time (Zulu) of Incident.

LINE 3:  Latitude & Longitude of Incident.

LINE 4:  Estimated True Course and Speed of Suspect Vessel(s).

LINE 5:  Brief Vessel(s) Description (length, color, type, bow shape).

LINE 6:  List all of the triggers below that can be seen or heard:

Name of vessel (state if it is missing), Number of personnel on board, Weapons, Ladders,Grappling Hooks, Fishing Equipment, Provisions (Fuel/Oil Tanks), AIS transmission, Navigation lights irregular or off at night, Response to VHF, Items being thrown overboard

LINE 7:  Brief Description of Activity.