Spain announces its contribution to Op Atalanta

Jan 22, 2009 - 16:37
The Spanish Parliament is expected to announce the contribution of a warship to the Op ATALANTA taskforce after voting in the motion yesterday.

Defence Minister Carme Chacon said “a frigate and a supply ship with 200 Spanish troops aboard would leave for the Gulf of Aden, after the Cabinet gives final approval on Friday”.

The vessel chosen is the SANTA MARIA-Class frigate SPS VICTORIA (F82), commanded by Commander Fernando Poole SN, which will sail from the Spanish Naval Headquarters in Rota, near Cadiz, this weekend.

The 4,000 tonne warship’s armaments include a 76mm gun, anti-ship missiles and two Lamps helicopters.

In other news the UK frigate NORTHUMBERLAND successfully escorted the 8,000 tonne World Food Program Vessel the MV JAIKUR II into Mogadishu early this morning.