New contract opportunity for communication professionals

Dec 03, 2021 - 09:44

This is the Job Description for communication professionals that we are looking for to working with our Public Information team at Operation Headquarters:



1.1. Place of performance.

Online Services provided for the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR), ES OHQ, in Base Naval de Rota - CP 11.530 - Rota (Cádiz) - Spain.

1.2. Relevant background

The OHQ is a European Headquarter leading the Operation Atalanta off the coast of Somalia.
Forces of Operation Atalanta deter, prevent and repress acts of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast. EU Naval Force protects vessels of the World Food Programme (WFP) delivering aid to displaced persons in Somalia.
The duration of this service is until 31/07/2022 with the option of an extension until 31/12/2022 and finally for the calendar year 2023, without substantial changes of the initial content of the service if both parties agree.
Conditioned to the prolongation of the following EUNAVFOR ATALANTA mandate (to be signed by EU CSDP next January 2023), the existence of the appropriate funds, and the agreement of both parties (the OHQ and the contractor), the contract may be extended for the whole 2023, if both parts agree.


The objective of the project is as follows:

Strategic Communication (STRATCOM) is a key part of the Operation to explain to our audience what ATALANTA does.
A service for monitoring and developing social media outputs and press releases is necessary. It is also necessary provide a service to analysis online and social platforms and support and improve key media decisions and actions.


3.1 General:

The Media service requires the following tasks (principal duties):

- As trained and qualified media specialist, will ensure the EUNAVFOR ATALANTA Website and social media channels are frequently populated in order to ensure ongoing strategic narrative influence;
- Provide engaging text, image and video content for all social media and professional accounts;
- Respond to media audience in a timely manner;
- Monitor, track and report on feedback and online reviews;
- If required, to provide lines to take, question and answers, background briefs for Media and Staff within the OHQ as required;
- If required, write Press Releases and Articles;
- If required, offer advice on Public Affairs in the Information Operations crossover;
- Contribute to the OHQ Flag Update Briefing with a weekly EUNAVFOR ATALANTA Media summary;
- Support arrangements, when required, for Media Interviews and Media events;
- If required, act as a Media;
- Prepare the press conferences or press points;
- Prepare the press releases and social media proposals;
- Availability to travel abroad due to Media activities.

3.2. Qualifications and Skills:

- Security Clearance EU-Secret (provide or be available to obtain);
- At least one of the following certificates have to be provided:

  • Journalism, Linguistic Interpretation, English Philology, Apply Languages Studies or similar degree certificate according to the current EU legislation in this regard (Directive 2005/36/CE, amended by 2013/55/UE);
  • Community Managers skills (job certificate);

- Based on official EU communicate, the working languages in the European Commission, including EU External Action Service (EEAS), are English, French and German. According to this, following qualifications are requested:

  • B2 English level certificate is mandatory;
  • C1 English level certificate is desirable;
  • B2 French level certificate is desirable;
  • B2 German level certificate is desirable.

- An internal English level test has to be passed. This test will consist of a presentation on Weekly MEDIA results provided by the OHQ.
- Experience in a post related to MEDIA activities in International Headquarters or similar organizations is desirable.

3.3. Duration and way to perform the service:

- The duration of this service will be according to the periods indicated in point 1 (background information). The intended commencement date for that contract is 01/03/2022 or the signature contract date;
- The service contractor will provide the service in the terms, and with the qualifications and skills before indicated for the services performed up to 120 hours monthly in regular basis plus 20 hours monthly if extraordinary tasks arise;
- The service contractor will develop invoices outlining the services accomplished each month according to the tasks requested by the Contract Officer Representative (COR), and will seek approval from a responsible authority before filing;
- The COR will calculate the estimated time needed to achieve these tasks. Therefore, the parameter to stablish the fee per task will be the “hour”.


Billing will be done on an hourly basis. The Contractor will provide a monthly invoice for the services performed up to 120 hours monthly in regular basis plus 20 hours monthly if extraordinary tasks arise.
Therefore, the Contractor will provide a detailed report of the monthly work and the time spent on it. The Contract Officer Representative (COR) will check if the service provided was according the tasks requested and the hours estimated. The report has to be approved by the COR.


A security clearance for Operation Atalanta classified information is desirable and in case the bidder do not have it, must at least be eligible to obtain it for EU SECRET or above. No bidder shall be admitted to the bid if does not comply with the requirements to obtain security clearance.




* All times are in the time zone of the country of the Contracting Authority

** Provisional dates


For more information, please contact us to the following phones and email addresses:

Contracts Officer:


Office number: +34 95 6470 592

Media Branch:


Office number: +34 95 6470 585

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