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eu naval force somalia - operation atalanta

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statistics updated 19/09/2014

currently held by pirates

Vessels Held1 Hostages Held2
0 37

since 2009

wfp vessels protected 277
amisom vessels protected 127
tonnes of food/aid delivered by WFP 912,9123
pirates transfered to competent authorities with a view to their prosecution total
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
suspicious events 8 59 99 166 73 20 3
total attacks 24 163 174 176 35 7 2
of which pirated4 14 46 47 25 4 0 0
disruptions5 0 14 65 28 16 5 1
  1. Plus an unknown number of unreported/unconfirmed dhows and smaller vessels.
  2. Estimated.
  3. Reported metric tonnes of food/aid delivered by World Food Programme shipping protected by EU NAVFOR.
  4. TOTAL ATTACK is the combined number of all attacks mounted by suspect pirates; those repelled/aborted and those leading to ships being in pirate hands and crews taken hostage.
  5. An action that renders a pirate group incapable of further pirate operation.

Latest piracy incidents

Date type of vessel approximate position of incident attack or suspicious event bmp pasc unknown pirated / safe
2014/04/13 Oil Tanker SOMALI BASIN Suspicious event X X safe
2014/04/05 Ro Ro SOMALI BASIN Suspicious event X X safe
2014/03/03 Gas Tanker Somali Basin Suspicious event X X safe
2014/02/13 Ro Ro SOMALI BASIN Attack X X safe
2014/01/17 Oil Tanker Gulf of Aden Attack X X safe
1 2 3 4 5 ... 202

  • BMP: Best Management Practises
  • PASC: Private (armed) Security Company

Incident location of currently pirated vessels & hostages

number on map vessel flag pirated crew

Hostages without a vessel1

crew from vessel
total hostages held = 37 total no. of vessels = 0
  1. Vessel believed to be aground/abandoned

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