Chairman of the EU Military Committee visit EUNAVFOR Atalanta

Jul 12, 2022 - 13:58

The Operation Commander VA Núñez Torrente in Djibouti welcomed General Robert Brieger


Last Thursday, the new Chairman of the EUMC, General Robert Brieger, paid his first visit to EU NAVFOR ATALANTA assets in Djibouti. The Operation Commander Vice Admiral José M. Nuñez Torrente welcomed and provided him an update on the state of play of the operation, in presence of the Head of the EU Delegation to Djibouti, H.E. Aidan O'Hara.

GEN Brieger visited the two units of ATALANTA permanently based in Djibouti, the ORION Detachment with its Maritime Patrol Aircraft and the Support Element to ATALANTA (SEA). Their continued presence in Djibouti remain crucial for the Operation, making Djibouti one of the three host countries of ATALANTA.

GEN Brieger also paid a visit to the Spanish warship “Numancia” on port visit as part of her anti-piracy patrols.

During all his tour, he had the opportunity to thank to all ATALANTA crew members for their effort, sacrifice and commitment towards the mandate given by the European Union.

“Operation ATALANTA sets the highest effectiveness benchmark for European commitment providing maritime security where needed, safeguarding freedom of navigation and WFP deliveries”. Gen Brieger said.

EU NAVFOR Atalanta remain committed to provide maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.