Sep 17, 2021 - 13:29

On 13th September, CRIMARIO II team led by Mr. Martin Cauchi-Inglott visited EU NAVFOR OHQ and held a working session with EU NAVFOR Staff members.

CRIMARIO II builds on CRIMARIO’s fruitful experience by expanding the geographical scope of the project towards South and Southeast Asia with in order to contribute to a safer and more secure maritime domain, through cross-sectoral, inter-agency and cross-regional cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

The working session has been extremely informative and productive, and served to review the close cooperation, as well as to explore new areas to improve our mutual support.

Active promotion of the unique communications and coordination platform IORIS, developed by CRIMARIO, was also on the agenda. EU NAVFOR is using IORIS as a neutral and secure regional communications tool in joint activities at sea with independent deployers, like India or South Korea and will continue to do so, in view IORIS wide scope of possibilities.

In addition, CRIMARIO Team explained SHARE.IT, the latest endeavor that is to emulate the EU’s CISE experience in the Indo-Pacific starting with the regional information fusion centers with the aim to develop an information-sharing community and interoperability technology to interconnect different info-sharing systems.

Under the EU Critical Maritime Routes programme (CMR) umbrella, CRIMARIO II stands for the success of EU programs at sea.