Deployed Assets


The F-81 is the first frigate of a series of six units built in Ferrol (NW Spain). They make up the 41st Escort Squadron stationed in Rota Naval Base.

The ‘Santa Maria’ was primarily designed for anti-submarine missions and blue-water escort operations, but the changes in the new strategic scenario – and given their versatility – have prompted modifications in her capabilities. Nowadays all F-80 ships can be employed in other tasks such as support in the projection of a Naval Force, shipping protection, maritime interdiction, integration in the territorial air defense system, surveillance and escort missions in far-off scenarios.

ESPS SANTA MARIA is fitted with a helicopter AUGUSTA BELL AB-212 and Marine Boarding Team that completes her capabilities and ensures she is capable of conducting the missions and tasks assigned by EUNAVFOR.


Displacement: 3.900 tons.

Length: 138 m

Beam: 14,3 m

Draft: 7,5 m

Max Speed: 29 knots

Range: 5300 miles at 12 knots.

Propulsion: 2 LM-2500 gas turbines (40,000 hp); 1 propeller.

Aircraft: Up to 2 SH-60Bs with ‘Penguin’ missiles, torpedoes or, alternatively, a ‘Scan Eagle’ UAS.



  • MK-13 Missile launcher for ‘Standard’ (A/A A/S) and ‘Harpoon’ (A/S) missiles.
  • OTO MELARA 76/62 mm
  • 2 triple torpedo launching tubes for MK-46 Mod.2/5 torpedoes.
  • 2 remote controlled ‘Sentinel’ (12.7 mm).


  • Air radar: AN/SPS-49 (V4)
  • Surface radar: AN/SPS-55
  • Fire control: MK-92 Mod.2
  • Hull-mounted sonar: AN/SQS-56
  • Electronic warfare: ‘Rigel’