Deployed Assets

Augusta Bell AB-212

The Spanish Navy Agusta Bell 212 is a  multi-purpose helicopter that can carry out a wide variety of tasks.  The AB-212 is a two-bladed, twin-engine helicopter with main and tail rotors and sliding side doors. It can be fitted with auxiliary equipment depending on the mission: additional seats, stretchers, rocket-launchers, floats, etc.  It is the organic helicopter of the ESPS Numancia frigate.

It has a barycentre winch for logistic tasks and a crane for SAR missions.

Other features:

  • Max. speed: 130 knots.
  • Fuel: 2,400 lb (with auxiliary tanks). 650 lb per hour.
  • Range: 3.5 hours.
  • XM200 E-1 rocket-launchers.
  • MG-3-1A-3S 7.62 mm machine guns.