Apr 18, 2018 - 15:19
On 9th April 2018 the Force Commander of EU NAVFOR met with the representative of the UN Fisheries and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) to develop an understanding of its projects  in promoting lasting regional solutions.

Rear Admiral (RADM) Simone Malvagna (ITN) hosted Mr Ricardo Torres of the UNFAO on board ITS Carlo Margottini.   Mr Torres expressed gratitude for the invitation and the opportunity to introduce the Coastal Communities Against Piracy (CCAP) Project. The project aims to train young Somali fishermen living in coastal areas so they can generate alternative forms of employment in their communities.

Mr Torres said “by getting more fish and using less fuel, they do not need to look at using any illicit sources.” The UNFAO gets in touch with lead fishermen through the Fisheries Cooperative, and once trained they are able to teach other fishermen. The logic is to ‘train the trainers.’ UNFAO is also providing some cold chain infrastructure along the coast, to give coastal communities the opportunity to produce ice, necessary to properly store fish and food.

There are a range of issues challenging the region from piracy to illegal fishing and human trafficking. The EU is the largest donor in Somalia with over EUR 1.2 billion spent on development and capacity building. The EU contributes to maritime security in the region with the Programme to Promote Regional Maritime Security (MASE).

RADM Malvagna expressed the importance of information sharing in the region in achieving goals, not just of piracy related information but also information from regional maritime security forces, other ‘sister missions’ such as EU CAP Somalia, international organisations, and specified agencies such as UNFAO.

CCAP is just one of the many projects that the EU is supporting to promote lasting solutions in the region. Through cooperation with regional and international partners EU NAVFOR is working to deter and prevent piracy in Somalia to allow prosperity and stability to develop in the region.