Operation ATALANTA bids farewell to Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Corrado Campana

Feb 24, 2021 - 15:46

"The continuous effort of Operation ATALANTA and the work done by the naval and air assets assigned to the FHQ have strongly contributed to the suppression of the dangerous phenomenon of piracy in the West Indian Ocean, which is nevertheless not yet eradicated. The presence and the activities of EU NAVFOR Somalia is of significant relevance in the region, and the new mandate gives Operation ATALANTA the means and the capabilities to cope with the new challenges to secure the maritime domain." (DCOM R. Adm. Campana)

On 17th February 2021, Italian Deputy Commander (DCOM) Rear Admiral (R. Adm.) Corrado Campana handed over Deputy Command of the operation to Italian R. Adm. Roberto Messina.

Rear Admiral Campana served as Operation ATALANTA Deputy Commander for seven months, supporting former Operation Commander Operation Commander, Major General Antonio Planells Palau.

In his time serving as Deputy Commander, R. Adm. Campana played a significant role in managing and supporting various Operation ATALANTA tasks and events on behalf of the Operation Commander. Some of these tasks included strengthening the cooperation with EU NAVFOR partners, representing Operation ATALANTA in key international engagements and bringing Italian flair to the Operation ATALANTA Headquarters in Rota.

Among his many appointments, he served as Commanding Officer of the Frigate GRANATIERE, flagship in the NATO SNMCMG-2, as ACOS CJ3 Operations EU NAVFOR OHQ when still in Northwood, UK and as Head of Maritime Operations Section (J3) in the Joint Operations HQ, responsible for Italian contribution to NATO Operation Unified Protector in Libya.

The strong cooperation and coordination that exists between the EU Naval Force, other naval forces, maritime industry and regional states have ensured that the pirate attacks that plagued vessels in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean just a few years ago remain suppressed.

Grazie to you, R. Adm. Campana, and fair winds and following seas! Bravo Zulu!